Provence’s winemakers have cultivated their passion for crafting inimitable rosé wines for generations, and the region is now recognised worldwide as the spiritual home of rosé. The climate, terroirs and grape types native to Provence are ideally suited to the production of this type of wine.

Known for their pale, luminous colour, rich aromatic bouquet and vivacious, refreshing palate, these wines are an important part of the Provençal lifestyle. They make delicious pairings for the region’s classic cuisine, including ratatouille, braised artichokes ‘à la barigoule’, aïoli, soup with pesto, anchoïade, bouillabaisse and seasoned fish such as sea bass with fennel. However Provence rosé also makes a perfect accompaniment for all types of ethnic, exotic or spicy cuisine, ranging from Moroccan tagine to Indian curry or Asian dishes. Served at 8-10°C, Provence rosé will make a whole world of cuisine sing.

The locals enjoy Provence rosé with every meal, and the versatility and refreshing character of this wine is one of the secrets to its lasting and growing popularity.

Rosé represents 88% of wine production in the region, with 166 million bottles of Provence AOP rosés produced each year. Provence is France’s leading region for AOP rosé wines, representing 39% of domestic production and approximately 5.6% of the world’s AOP rosé.