Provence rosé can be matched successfully with a wide range of cheeses, but goat’s cheese (Chèvre) is the traditional choice and is also at its best at this time of year. Spring is the season for newness, and along with the arrival of the new 2013 vintage Provence rosés, another new appearance is kid goats; a prominent sight on the hills of Provence. With the Nannies producing spring milk, the most plentiful and rich of the year, now is the ideal time to make fresh goat’s cheese (Chèvre).

When it comes to matching wine with spicy food it’s best to choose a dry wine, which is what Provence rosé is renowned for. Provence rosé also marries clean crispness with fruity fullness, a combination that works well with Korean favourites including Bulgogi or Galbi (grilled marinated beef or pork), Bunchan (side dishes), Kimchi and Namul (vegetables), or Jeon (pancakes).

Don’t forget that Provence rosé is an excellent pairing for Asian cuisine, as its dry, delicate and fruity flavours are an ideal foil for flavoursome and aromatic dishes. It’s a shame that this delicious food and wine matching opportunity is so often overlooked. Try our pick of perfect Provence rosé and Chinese food pairings

They may conjure up memories of sunny days spent in the south of france, but wines from provence are not just to be had over the summer; they are to be enjoyed all year round! Here we have matched the different styles of Provençal wine to traditional Christmas dishes and delicacies. Try them for yourself this December – you will not be disappointed.