Côtes de Provence Pierrefeu

Officially recognized in 2013, the vineyards of this terroir are located between the Mediterranean Sea, the slopes of the Massif des Maures mountains and the limestone plateaus of the Var midlands.

The climate is tempered by the effects of the Mediterranean Sea, with continental influences as well as inland regions. Differences in temperature remain moderate while spring and summer months are quite hot. The altitude of the vineyards remains below 400m.

There are three main types of soils in this sector: red sandy-clay soils characteristic of the Permian Depression; red, sandy clay pebbles (limestone gravel) in the plains, and reddish-brown silt-clays covered by schist pebbles in the hills.


Hectolitres a Year:


Bottles a Year:

Approximately 680,000

Hectares of Vineyards:


Wine Production:

rosé and red


12 communes (Carnoules, Carqueiranne, Collobrières, Cuers, La Crau, La Farlède, La Garde, La Valette, Le Pradet, Pierrefeu, Puget-Ville and Solliès-Pont)

Maximum Authorised Yield:

50hl/ha for rosés and 45hl/ha for reds

Average Yield: