1. Dim Sum Prawn Dumplings

These delicately steamed dumplings work perfectly with the subtle flavours and crisp acidity of Provence rosé. Rosés with fresh citrus and mineral flavours will work particularly well, as they act as a squeeze of lemon on the juicy prawns.

2. Cantonese Style Steamed Sea Bass with Ginger

Fish is both a typical Chinese New Year menu choice, and an ideal partner for Provence rosé. Crisp lemon flavoured rosés are a good choice, although a juicier, fruitier example would set of the spicey ginger notes of this dish beautifully.

3. Chicken Chow Mein

This classic hearty Chinese restaurant staple has more weight so will require a Provence rosé with slightly more body and texture. Alternatively plump for a young fruity Provence red for a rich pairing.

4. Vegetarian Aubergine with Tofu in a Garlic Sauce

Vegetarian cuisine begs for a glass of Provence rosé, and this oriental aubergine and tofu dish is no exception. The clean, fresh and aromatic quality of the wine will complement the soft and subtle flavour of the aubergine without overpowering it.